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I love Turkey, it’s a beautiful country filled with amazing things and places like Fethiye or the Turquoise Coast.Yet there’s always some muppet who will try and ruin your experience.

The ‘authenticity’ certificates are, um, not authentic, OH THE IRONY!!To make matters worse its banks are lined with hungry natives holding poison arrows who have just recently all decided to resort back to cannibalism. You soon meet a new friend who suggests you leave this bar and head to another better one he/she knows. This new bar has nice drinks a similar crowd and 2 rather large men out the front.The drinks pile up and you’re pretty sure your tab’s about now, no big deal.Ask anybody who’s been overseas to one of the scammer hotspots of the world, and they will tell you just how easy it is to get ripped off by a well-practiced con-artist. I’m going to talk specifically about Turkey since it’s where I just happen to be as I write this post. Did you enjoy a truly epic night of Sultan like luxury, sip fine Persian wine off the bellies of harlots in an ancient harem filled with peacock feather waving belly dancing virgins? You probably just got ripped off by some unscrupulous bastard of a shop owner, merchant, con-artist or fraudster in one of the many Istanbul scams. I totally got ripped off in Turkey, you can read about all of that, plus how I got my money back in the next post but don’t skip ahead yet, read this one first!There is nothing worse than checking your credit card statement upon your return home and being shocked to discover that you’ve actually hit your gold Amex’ ,000 limit after just 2 days in Istanbul. Firstly, let’s get this straight, MOST Turks are honest, nice people who will play by the rules so I’m not picking on you Turkey it’s just that the 1% of fraudsters here do seem to ruin it for everybody else.

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