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AWESOME post by "the Kurp" and one all of us single adults should live by!

However, if you’re thinking of getting braces — or dating someone with them — and this is a first for you, it’s understandable to have some questions. Sure Madonna and Donald Faison could pull off braces, but celebrities can swing a lot of things mere mortals can’t. You or your paramour will look just as good as orthodontic-laden celebrities, and the best part is that they don’t get in the way of romance. Check out these quotes on dating with braces from those on the front line: By far, no matter what the circumstances (age, gender, reason for braces) or the forum, the overwhelming response was, “Why would braces matter?

On the flip side, if you have a lot to offer then that's what will attract someone and your braces will count for very little in the grander scheme.

I'll share with you a story that happened to me last weekend.

except when it comes to going out with my friends and meeting guys. It's very silly I know but I think I am just scared of the potential rejection when a guy realizes I have braces.

I get very self-conscious and shy and tend not to want to meet anyone new. And I know, if someone was to do this, I shouldn't want to know them anyway but that's easier said than believed. Would love to hear from anyone whose been in this situation First of all you are right when you say that if a guy is so shallow that he minds you having braces, he is probably not worth it… despite of this I have to say that I understand you perfectly!

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