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For instance, if you seem good-looking but a little bit douchey in your pic, an innocent comment might come across as overly flirty or aggressive.

”Other comments you could pull from a girl’s pics/bio: So you’re the outdoorsy type, huh?

Try to make it a combination of their looks and personality.

In his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdrini points out that “similarity literally draws people together”. You get bonus points, and a greater chance of a reply, if it’s something relatively uncommon.

They put the work on her to decide what to talk about.

You can say something like, “That really sounds amazing.

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Should she just say “hey” back and hope that he’ll start a real conversation? You: Just watching TV.[Girl stops replying]When you just write “hey,” you better have one of the best profiles she’s ever seen.

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  2. You can search through categories and chose appearance, sexual orientation, and some special interested. You can communicate both with guys and girls; we have no limits here and some hottest shows all around the web.

  3. Remember, the endgame here is to stick OUT from every other boring Tom, Dick, and Harry online. Sadly, when girls read words like ‘wanderlust’ in your bio, something chemical happens in their brains where they die of boredom. Cut out everything that’s too generic and that could safely apply to millions of people. Banging on about how you’re ‘sapiosexual’ suggests that you’re keen on f***ing a large brain in a jar.