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To allow this natural flow to be in alignment with your core values, it's helpful to set the intention before going on a date about how you want to feel on the date and then call on your spiritual support (whatever that looks like for you) through prayer asking that you are protected, supported and have a truly joyous experience. If not, that's wonderful too."Basically, it doesn't really matter if you have your first kiss after your first date, third date, or tenth date. Just know that in today's day and age, there's nothing wrong with kissing someone after your first date.You can actually tell a lot about someone and your potential connection through that first kiss."Every connection and couple is different," Strang tells Elite Daily."I find it best to take the pressure off and allow the date to flow organically.

If you want to keep it mysterious and leave some things to look forward to, then it might be smart to wait a few dates before you go in for a smooch.

Here's how to kiss a guy (or girl), and impress the heck out of them doing so.

Just because you kiss your bae one way doesn't mean you can't mix things up.

Get them a little surprise gift for no reason at all.

Kissing helps to build romance, but there are so many things that keep that fire alive.

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