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the world regard South Africa as the stabling power within Africa, not your country. but your country would pride itself in corruption, scams, glorified shanty movies, poverty, religious pretenders, bigots, and to worsen it terrorism. and to see your countrymen in forums like this shout down each others throat is unbelievable. A statement signed this afternoon by Ahmed Mohammed, Chief Information Officer of the University directed all students to vacate the campus tomorrow.If comments here represent your future, you were gone before you started. Street Journal found pout that the decision was arrived at after an emergency meeting of the school administration.silly Isayah says we are ranting here however he hasn't made any directional point na so so Grammar and calling people illitrate, Please guide us Isayah the RED INDIAN Ape lmao Revolva:@Iysayah Please i truly understand your pain toward Nigerians pls take it slow Ok, because if you try taking it to insult inocent Nigerians ovr here on the forum it wont help , Ok, stop caling us FOOLS, ok, After all its the white man that started all the greatest Confusion the world has ever experienced, Ok, from AIDS to clonialsm that has enslaved the black race, pls lets dont start here ok, mind ya business You have no idea how disappointed some people are that Nigeria would end up like this, the people most upset about these are friends of your country who believed in you in spite of the famous internet scam.

davidylan:then you havent been watching any tennis. Nadal is injured from the first set yet he is still playing strong, he is one set up but that lanky Del of a guy is pushing him hard . And kind of wondering why no one is celebrating Fathers Day!he is still the best to grace the Wimbledon, Roland Garros etc. One thing i am sure of is he will win another GS.davidylan: Nadal takes third set 7-6 (4)that's why he is number 1 in the world.You cant win that many grand slams without good footwork. moroever, Del has been off tennis for a while until recently.yeah, really tough tennis. anyway the girls need to go for FULL HIV/AIDS test. when kidnappers dont get what they wanted, they result to other means.It is an advert for an event of the winners family and ministry friends.Tuck in your mouth if you don't have anything reasonable to say.

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