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To Which is Appended a Diary Written by Sarah Frost on Her Voyage to St. By ship; by area that they came from; by area where they settled; by military regiment; by land grant acreage; etc...Family history sketches are arranged alphabetically by surname.ISBN 1-894378-87-3 This book is a reprint of a 1906 Canadian Archives transcription of the original inspection and census of Isle Royale in 1752 by Sieur De La Roque.The included records chiefly consist of settlers' letters, petitions, depositions, court records, and more.The sentiments of the writers and thier affairs during the Revolutionsy War are quite explicitly described.

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A treasure-trove of information for those researching the early families of Yarmouth and Barrington and/or Revolutionary War/Loyalists. ISBN 1-894571-81-9 This fine local history is brimming with references to specific individuals and their genealogies.

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