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Actually all the INFJs I know except one are Christians, so you might find one in church : D I guess INFJs are generally pretty spiritual people. I my would consider myself a Christian but I do question a lot of what the modern church does but no one is perfect so.At least that's what I've read and experienced.i'm one! She was only agreeing with Tohru so that she could kidnap her mom. Yes, I know that Ohana basically told him to go, but baby steps.When she finally has that chat with Ko later in the episode, I cheered when Ko said he wouldn’t go to Kissuiso with Ohana. Yes, things are back to the ‘status Ko,’ but hey, maybe the next time we see him, he’ll be dating bookstore girl.and given the company you work for i think you're nearby! Places you would find my specific type would most likely be at libraries, a very nice and chill coffee shop, at a beautiful park or maybe online. But remember, to actually get an infj you must earn their trust.

This got me thinking about my ex girlfriend, who I'm almost positive is a INFJ.When Ohana takes her coworkers to confront her mother, Satsuki was all packed and ready to return with her daughter to Kissuiso.Maybe she’s finally considerate of her daughter’s feelings after all; the Matsumae household seem like slow learners.She does realize one thing though: taking Ko back to Kissuiso would have been selfish.Ohana wasn’t doing it because she wanted to be with Ko.

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