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Her character in the series was the younger sister of title character Robin Scherbatsky played by Cobie Smulders.She also had minor roles in other television shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, The O. Lucy played the role of Becca Sommers in NBC’s Bionic Woman. Hale also played the role of Effie in the movie ‘ The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2’. She also played the role of Rose Baker in television series of CW ‘ Privileged’.However, she is vividly remembered for her role as Aria Montgomery in television series ‘Pretty Little Liars.” Lucy Hale was born on 14th June of 1989 in Memphis, Tennessee. She took singing and acting classes during her high school years.She was born to father Preston Hale and mother Julie Knight who is a nurse. After graduating high school, she did not join college and reports say that she still does not plan to go to college.For the role, Hale has won many awards which include a Teen Choice Award in 2010.She gained a lot of exposure and attention through her role as Aria in the series.

The youngest child born to Julie and Preston Hale, she has an older sister and older step-sister, and step-brother.

She was also in a relationships with Adam Pitts, a musician as well, and another musician, Joel Crouse.

I love music so much and that kind of takes away from the fact that I am missing out on some things.

The group existed for two years before disbanding, following their disastrous debut album.

Following the disbandment, Lucy opted for an acting career, though returned to the studio in 2012, and two years later released her debut studio album “Road Between”, which reached No. 14 on the US Billboard 200 chart, while it sold more than 44,000 copies, which only increased Hale’s net worth.

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Karen Lucille Hale, commonly known by the name of Lucy Hale, is an actress and singer residing in the US.

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