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t, CJ Midst receive a blessing; thy communion with thy God was sweet; the cold hard stone upon which tliy head was pillowed did not -disturb thy sacred rest, for the celestial inhabitants of yonder world watched th} -sweet repose, and stpod Tny sentinels from harm.Yes, thy laddep reached from Heaven to earth,- on which the angels descended and ascended, for thy com- munion with-Gt)d in prayer, was that ladder. and good old Moses can testiry of the effi- cacy of prayer, when with hands spread wide : to his spiritual leader, success was found on Isiiiicl's side, but that .g, he could, but he does not work wkh intelligent creatures by irresistible means, but requires of them obe- .

for thou wast delivered from the lions' detf, and at one time while praying'^pnfessing ffry ,.

sins, and Israel's, one of the shinniirig hosts ''.;%$ Heaven, angel Gabriel, descended^ communed , arid blessed thee with skill ari^ understanding, and informed thee that his express commission: * fronr the bright mansions of bliss, was account, and of the high estimation in thou wast held by the .

Heaveril^r King, and that thy suppiipatioris^had moved his sympathies, and thy request , should be granted...

Yes, them didst make use of that key which un- locked the gates of Heaven, and that pully which reached from Heaven to earth, ;upon which thy requests ascendeckand God's blessing descended.

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- The increase of population has been considera- ble, an s d the general face of it is depicted with countenances to which i am estranged.

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