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Details View Delete Event Ar gs) Handles Details View1.

Delete(Map Path("~/Paintings/") & file Name) End Sub Protected Sub Details View1_Item Inserting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Find Control("Drop Down List1"), Drop Down List) e.

The database table used here has just two fields (sid and sname) My code is as follows: Web Page: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- im having the same problem i think: in my case i have set binding for template fields; ive a grid with 2 types of field: - bound filed editable (no the tamplate) - bound readonly field (template field) ive set Eval for the template and it is readonly, i placed also Bind to make a test but still count is zero; also had a try changing the datasource, and sure i have set the key field for the grid. OK, so I solved my problem, but not straight forward.

I am having a similar problem, but I don't have any Edit Item Template items in my grid. I just changed my code to use an Object Data Source.

NET 2.0 Basics section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions.

NOW..a couple things I did since pasting a) I noticed that I don't actually have a binding "title" in here which makes me wonder how the title was actually updating.

I have View State turned off for both the Details View I use With it on it now shows e.

I just selected the Auto Generated Edit Button and Auto Generated Delete Button properties to True in the properties tab for the grid. Took 15 minutes to change it, my code is half if not less than it was before, and all I worked hard for now just works straight forward.

I have Enable View State set to true as well, but I am getting both e.

Minimal), Asp Net Hosting Permission(Security Action. Inheritance Demand, Level=Asp Net Hosting Permission Level.

Link Demand, Level=Asp Net Hosting Permission Level.

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IO Partial Class Admin_editpictures Inherits System. Find Control("Drop Down List1"), Drop Down List) 'my Drop Down List.

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