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But at the local level, the identity politics that divides Israelis in myriad ways — Arab and Jewish; Ashkenazi and Mizrachi; pro- and anti-settlement; secular and religious; left, right and center, and so on — has been producing unexpected results, nowhere more so than among the Jewish religious right. Netanyahu’s Likud party won two seats, a signal achievement on a city council long dominated by Haredi parties.In Beit Shemesh, a fast-growing ultra-Orthodox center, thousands ignored their rabbis’ orders and helped elect a woman mayor in October. And in Telzstone, a tiny Haredi enclave on the outskirts of Jerusalem, an upstart who took on the rabbis’ anointed candidate in a special mayoral election last month earned 40 percent of the vote — a seismic shift, despite falling short, for a population that has long exerted power by voting in lock step.After she finished a radio interview recently, she said, the station brought on a sitting Haredi lawmaker who said that women did not belong in politics just as they did not belong working at a garbage dump, “because politics is garbage.”Actually getting elected, however, would require something approaching a miracle: Ms.Zernowitski’s chosen party, Labor, is in a shambles.She married a lawyer and is raising four children, ages 2 to 11.But her trajectory easily could have been different, she said, citing the stereotype of religious women with big broods and low-paying jobs, if any: “That could’ve been me.Some polls show it winning just seven seats in the Knesset, down from 18 in the current government; one new poll suggested it might not win any seats at all.

As an advocate for women, too, she has an added motivation to break out of the confines of the Haredi world.

“I believe that if you open the door, these people will come and vote,” she says.

The experts say she is unlikely to test that premise.“She has no chance,” declared Gilad Malach, an expert on the ultra-Orthodox at the Israel Democracy Institute. Zernowitski, if ahead of the curve, was nonetheless onto something: The Haredi parties are calcified and vulnerable to breakaway voters, he said.“On the day that an ultra-Orthodox representative will be successful outside the classic political parties,” he said, “there’s a chance more people will choose that party because it works.”At a Labor candidates’ night in Jerusalem, Ms.

I could’ve been the preschool teacher with 10 kids.”At the speed-dating event in Tel Aviv, the responses to Ms. Women in jeans and leggings — clothing she wouldn’t be seen in — clamored to say hello, as did young men.

Zernowitski were sympathetic until someone brought up public transportation on the Sabbath, which the ultra-Orthodox oppose but many nonreligious Israelis support.“I think everyone wants Shabbat to be a little different,” she began.“Don’t kid yourself! Finally, with all the other candidates long gone and a janitor hovering outside, Amiram Alon, 18, ran out of questions.

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The woman, Michal Zernowitski, grew up in a religious party that does not allow female candidates. Again and again, as the audiences move from room to room, Ms.

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