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One year later it became an open source project and started expanding its features and building awareness.

However, interest in Drupal CMS got a significant boost in 2003 when it helped build Howard Dean’s website, one of the candidates for the 2004 US presidential election.

Drupal 8 is the latest major release available for download, with subsequent and minor released being developed regularly.

Starting with 2014, the development of Drupal CMS moved into the hands of the community.

But the market share was not the only one who kept on growing.Drupal 8 works on any web server with PHP version of 5.5.9 or greater and PHP 7.2 is supported for version 8.5.0.If you run into any problems while setting up your Drupal demo you can find a tutorial online that will walk you through everything from the demo installation to changing its design by installing a demo theme.The website called Dean Space facilitated communication between users, as well as with the campaign.New versions were released constantly and Drupal features got better with each release.

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