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So, let's continue the boredom and have the gentlemen help give the lady a pedicure.Well, I didn't know a pedicure also meant getting a calf and lower leg massage. Not only that, you get to see the two guys try to smooth talk their way to the lady.Either way, at the end of it all, the psychic says who's the liar and who's the lover.Already 5 minutes into the show and I'm bored out of my mind.I would have broken more things at the abnormalities of the shows, such as Kenny Vs. I would also like ot point out that she got a pedicure from the pedicurist, so she's staring all three of them down.Yeah, if that's not a reason to yawn and turn away, I don't know what is?

The usual dating show stuff happens here: putting down teh competition, giving her sweet nothings in her ear, having Evan help open a bottle of nail polish, you know all of the traditional dating reality shows that are otu there. This gets to even higher levels of awkward, the likes not seen since puberty.One of the guys is single and ready for love as the intro states. The other one is already taken and has a girlfriend. I don't know who's naming of the people is worse, this or Who's Still Standing's Hero Vs. At the end of the date, if the lady picks the single guy, they get to go on a romantic getaway.If she picks the taken guy, then the taken guy and his girlfriend get to go on the getaway.More questioning about who's the liar and who's the lover, who's got the girlfriend or not. Ugh, aside from being a carbon copy of other dating shows at this time, namely Elimidate and For Love or Money, the additions to the format made by the producers of this show make it worse.Evan Marriot is absolutely terrible at everything, especially when it comes to building up the drama at the end.

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