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Other non-image formats include HTML, text, DOC, and EPS.When converting a PDF document to RTF, ensure that the PDF document does not contain form elements, such as a submit button. Include necessary files into your development project.The Generate PDF service converts native file formats to PDF.It also converts PDF to other file formats and optimizes the size of PDF documents.To change settings for an already supported native application, the system administrator sets the File Type Settings in the administration console.

It provides an overview of the interactions between the Generate PDF service and the native applications that this service uses to convert native file formats into PDF.The Generate PDF service uses native applications to convert the following file formats to PDF.Unless otherwise indicated, only the German, French, English, and Japanese versions of these applications are supported.The XML grammars used by App Mon to instruct an application, such as Microsoft Word, to open and print a file involve these sequential tasks: App Mon uses standard Win32 APIs to interact with third-party applications in order to transfer UI events such as key-strokes and mouse clicks, which is useful to control these applications to produce PDF files from them.Due to a limitation with these Win32 APIs, App Mon is not able to dispatch these UI events to some specific kinds of windows, such as floating menu-bars (found in some applications such as Text Pad), and certain kind of dialogs whose contents cannot be retrieved using the Win32 APIs.

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The script contains instructions that direct the native application to open specific dialog boxes and that supply specific responses to fields and buttons in those dialog boxes.

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