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You need to have your research at place before hitting such places or the best way in to take a trail run study the place and pitch smartly in case you are looking for any kind of service like that.

Ways to judge the dance bars is if the girls actually come and sit beside you.

Including the police i am certain they might be getting their share as well. This was just about contacts you find on the internet.

The safest play is to be in contact with a friend who is into these things since years.

Maybe I will share a few entertaining ones in the edits to come but these days I don’t generally find that much time and I don’t know how good a storyteller I am.(if you take phone number from the internet)mostly every one right form the person who takes the call is from a central call center which routs women to your location and this is a centralized process all of the different number sitting at a call center which operates from an underground location are places which no one knows (or not important), I say this because if you call a different person and demand for the women at the same pickup location they will know that and will ask you to say in contact with one person only.These agents seem to belong to an association in which each of them known each other and route women as per requests and availability.All this is a phase will pass by you have to take a call as it’s your life and your time. As some of the times while my friends and I used to explore places and hubs there are a lot of stories to tell most of them are hilarious considering the variety of characters I have had in my group and their goof ups and interactions with prostitutes and curiosity which comes in the form of doubts and all there is a lot of such stories if I start to tell you the flashback scenes.That was all at the start and nowadays it is as I said all have grown out of it is not a big deal and yes monotonous.

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