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That’s because it does the same thing as malware trying to steal your passwords.

Beware that you’ll need to whitelist the keylogging software and that you’ll need to disable your antivirus during installation.

But sometimes that’s not enough or, in the case of family PCs, not possible.

Unless a webcam, which can be circumvented with various old-fashioned techniques (wear a mask, throw a bag over it, unplug it, etc) a keylogger is very difficult to get around.

A basic (one user) subscription can be had for .95 per month or .95 per year.

Alternatively, you can set the i Spy media directory to a networked drive Something else you may worry about is i Spy’s visibility, as the default window is large and obvious. All you need to do is close the program, then start it again using the i Spy (Silent Start) executable. The program is still visible in the system tray, but by the time someone sees the tray item, you’ve already caught them red-handed.

There’s even a reports function that will tell you how much time has been spent with various programs on your PC.

While it’s intended to monitor your productivity, these features can just as easily be used to track how your PC is used.

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This makes it a fully automated system that you can set up once and forget This will bring up a video source menu with a number of tabs.

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