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Related Link: Celebrity Women Who Built Business Empires With Their Husbands First of all, question the source of your guilt.

Are you listening to someone else’s voice in your head?

As I was attempting to seem cool in front of my crush, he began to speak to his friends about a certain topic. I couldn’t resist from knowing what he had to say, especially since I had no idea what a fetish was – but that all changed once I caught on to the meaning behind the word.

It turned out that my future husband had the hots for girls with large noses – it’s called Nasophilia.

Consider what you are hoping to do, and set a middle ground that will make you feel better.

Meaning, if you engage in behavior that’s triggering your guilt – a delicious dessert or masturbating – know that you will do these things and plan ahead so that you have intention, though you may not know when, you know that they will happen.

Jane Greer The pursuit of happiness is an inherent right, as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

And yet, everyone grapples with pleasure in one way or another, encountering stumbling blocks along the way.

We all want pleasure, but so often feel we “shouldn’t” have it for one reason or another.

I’m all for being ourselves, so admitting our guilty pleasures should be something to talk about.

For example, I’m the first to admit that my fetishes are men with beards and strong arms.

Gina Rodriguez, star of the popular television show , recently admitted in celebrity news that she used to feel extremely guilty about masturbating.

While masturbating is a natural and healthy activity, many people do experience guilt, especially if their religion indicates it is something to stay away from.

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