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We help to make match of devotee with a devotee only.The Event "Dandvat Program " is going to be held very soon at Vrinadavan.Everu year is arranging this event which is a get together of our vaishnav members and also a opportunity to meet and worship Radha Krishna. Whatever our situation - whatever the material energy conjures up in our lives, we need to keep on chanting regardless.It's something I was meditating on today after I finished my last 2 rounds - Maya may make so many disturbances in our lives, and it can become a very big distraction in our minds.

Keith Ham died on October 24, 2011 at a hospital in Thane, near Mumbai, India with reasons being quoted as kidney failure.He often accompanied himself on a harmonium, and was often accompanied by a guitarist.When Ginsberg asked if he could sing a song in praise of Lord Krishna on William F.Devotee/ Vaishnava: -Followers of Vaishnavism are referred to as Vaishnavas (Devotee). Vaishnavas identified by mark on foreheads with a distinct Tilak and Tulsi Mala (Kanthi) arround the neck.This is a Free Matrimonial Service for Devotees all over world.

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