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Survivors fear that no one will believe them or take the proper action to punish their abusers. S.] law only haphazardly penalizes misrepresentations in the context of sex — ” legislation drastically narrows the list of sexual fraud types that someone can be legally prosecuted for.

In fact, even many known cases of offline sexual fraud go unpunished. Thus, it’s clear that the legal system needs many reforms.

She felt violated in mind as well as body, because she “would never have consented to a sexual relationship with a married man, let alone a man who was actively having relations with multiple women simultaneously.” Also, like many other victims of sex-motivated catfishing, she now has difficulty trusting others.

But since catfishing for sex is not a crime in the UK, she had to start a petition and fight for this fraud to be recognized as such.

Of course, we must also take the current legal climate into consideration.

Even with the #metoo movement’s impact, many acts of sexual misconduct (in various forms) are not reported.

After they had conversed online for some time, the man confessed that he had used fake profile photos, in order to gain more of Anna’s trust.

(But, he continued to maintain all other parts of his facade: fake name, fake occupation, different marital status, and fully contrived story.) The relationship was so strong in Anna’s eyes that she was ready to meet him in real life.

He used a false name, a different occupation, a developed, contrived story, and edited photos of a Bollywood actor, all to manipulate Anna.Worst of all, some fraudulent daters use their online lies to eventually deceive people into having sex with them.But sexual fraud outside of the online sphere is punishable by law. —Whether it’s about their age, height, figure, occupation, marital status, or something else, so many online daters weave webs of lies in their dating profiles.In fact, the vast majority of online daters aren’t honest — Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that a whopping 80% of daters post at least one lie in their profiles.

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This man didn’t want a lasting relationship with Anna at all. And then, he did the same to Anna before she could find out the truth.

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