He is dating another woman

#4 He’s never ready for spontaneous sex Women can have sex, and then some more.Your man can’t do that, well, unless he’s a little horny teenager or is extremely aroused by you all of a sudden. well, what are the chances of that happening unless you’ve brought out your sexy lingerie?

But if his ego hasn’t been shattered by someone else recently and he still spends time buying clothes (even alone) or lifting weights in the basement, there’s a good chance that he’s either going through a mid life crisis or another pelvis.If he does this all the time, there’s a very good chance that he’s hoping you don’t reach his phone first, even if you’re closer to his phone.#2 That old excuse – Stuck at work This is the lamest excuse to use, but surprisingly it’s also extremely effective. Is he sweating his back in office for several hours after work?Or has he been splurging on great looking clothes and fragrances without any reason?It’s alright if he wants to look good, but if he’s trying to look smart all of a sudden without even consulting you, something’s probably in the air and it’s just not his new expensive cologne.

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Or does he play golf with new friends you’ve never seen?

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