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400 km to the south but the syenites of Kangerdlugssuaq cluster around 50 m.y.The Gardiner ultramafic alkaline complex and some of the offshore gabbros apparently also were emplaced at about 50 m.y.Late dykes in the Kangerdlugssuaq area were emplaced over a considerable time span (43-34 m.y.) in keeping with their variable petrographic character, and the Kialineq centre was formed at 36.2±0.4 m.y. Kap Simpson and Kap Parry to the northeast were emplaced around 40 m.y.whereas the Werner Bjerge complex is the youngest igneous activity so far identified in Greenland with an age of 30.3±1.3 m.y.ago at the time of emplacement of the Kialineq plutons and last dykes.Renewed rapid erosion and declining heat flow at this time led to rapid cooling of the rocks now at the surface to below 100 °.Chemical etching of polished internal surfaces of these minerals reveals spontaneous fission tracks, and the track density can be determined.

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The uplift is older than these ages but on field evidence post-dates the basalts. 200 ° was slow for these intrusions and was probably controlled by a number of factors including erosion of the dome, high heat flow caused by continuing dyke injection and regional plateau uplift.

It probably formed in conjunction with alkaline magmatism at ca. The last is believed to have taken place about 35 m.y.

No evidence of a Tertiary imprint has been found in these rocks.

Layered gabbros, such as Skaergaard, were emplaced at about the same time (ca. Some evidence of syenitic activity from this period occurs in the Angmagssalik area ca.

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