Internet dating nigerian scams dating with hiv

Of course, none of this is real and you never get your money back.

Now that many people are familiar with that scam, fraudsters are going beyond a simple email posing as a Nigerian prince.

Since you care about the catfish, you send them some money to help them out of their predicament.

Some catfishers manage to keep the relationship scam going, bilking their “partners” out of thousands of dollars over time.

Sometimes scams aren’t a virus burrowing into your hard drive, but a fake lover taking root in your heart.A catfish is someone posing as someone else online, usually in a dating scam.She may purport to be a highly successful, attractive 35-year old lawyer — when in reality he’s a 16-year old boy messaging you during study hall.When you meet someone new through a dating site or social media, proceed with caution.Watch out for the common signs that the person you’re chatting with may not be who they say they are.

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