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It operates on uranium enriched to about 93 percent (it is converted to run on 20 percent in 1993,) which the United States also supplies.

Americans are anxious about the growing risk of a nuclear war.

The resolution requires Iran to declare all material relevant to its uranium-enrichment program and allow IAEA inspectors to conduct environmental sampling at any location.

The resolution requires Iran to meet its conditions by October 31 deadline.

which it has an interest to do soon, since it is paying to store that oil," said Brenda Shaffer, a professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D. Analysts expect Iran to add between 600,000 and one million barrels per day to its oil output, but the country's leaders are much more bullish. The more oil it exports, the more likely prices will drop even more.Adopting a policy of “no first use” would reduce the chances of war from a miscalculation or misunderstanding. Department of State adds Iran to its list of state sponsors of terrorism, effectively imposing sweeping sanctions on Tehran.A nuclear war can never be won, and must never be fought. February 1970: The Iranian parliament ratifies the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). 1987: Iran acquires technical schematics for building a P-1 centrifuge from the Abdul Qadeer Khan network.Iran has relatively low production costs compared to other countries, but another slump in prices would put its plans at risk. shale boom has forced OPEC to change its strategy and step up production to defend its market share.The country desperately needs heavy investments in its out-of-date oil infrastructure. Just few years ago, OPEC countries would adjust their production to keep prices in check, but it's unlikely the group will do something like that now. Recent diplomatic tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia made the situation even more complicated.

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"A lot of Iranian oil has been seeping into the global market since the signing of the deal with Iran on its nuclear program, since sanction enforcement was very lax following the agreement," Shaffer said.

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