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Meanwhile, inside the prison, Gunner and his group come into the sanctuary where the nun is begging him to not do this. Hondo says Gunner Cade is not only smart but vicious too.Hondo is upset to learn that Sister Carmelita is inside, saying she is a good woman who goes to various prisons trying to rehabilitate these people; Jessica informs him that she is injured.Ashe feels talking to these animals is useless, but Hondo wants to know what Gunner is up to before they go charging in there.

Jim Street (Alex Russell) is surprised someone could own a prison but learns that Ashe is private sector, he’s a contractor of the State who pays him to run the facility.Street and Lam zip tie several of the men they have captured when they hear men shouting, when they enter the room, they find several prisoners yelling at the TV, as they watching CBS’ The Young and the Restless, eating tubs of ice cream; they are not interested in the riot nor caring about the missing construction workers.Street puts the men in a cell, but before he can put tape on his mouth, he says everyone shares a cell with at least 4 people, even though they are made for 2, why do they think there is a riot? The incident left Chris scared to leave the house for a long time. She was tied up for hours until they found out they had the wrong person.

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