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If it is extremely important, then ask your sweetheart if she is willing to have a dialogue about what that would involve.

Chances are she has no idea and you have only a sketchy one.

“Mixed & Matched” offers advice for Jews in interfaith relationships and families.

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She must be given the opportunity to find out what she is getting into before marriage.

No one can promise that your children will be Jewish if you marry a non-Jew.

Do you have any thoughts on whether it’s possible to successfully raise mixed children with a Jewish father and Asian mother without the children feeling confused or left out?

— Uncertain Dear Uncertain: You are asking the right questions, and answering them will clarify your options.

This is something you should think about and discuss with your sweetheart.The truth is that this is a compromise, and it does affect the children. But it means you have to be sensitive to how they are taking it in.If you do decide to celebrate Christian holidays, decide in advance which ones and how your partner wants to observe them.She is open to raising our kids Jewish but still would want to celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter.I think this would cause identity issues for our kids, and obviously they won’t look Jewish.

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