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Judaism follows the mother; unless one converts, one is only Jewish if his or her mother is Jewish.

It's important to realize that the Torah states that all human beings are created in God's image.

Please remember that this Meetup Group is for Jewish Singles age 30 - 59 for events in the DC Metro Area.

To be approved for Membership, you need to use a picture of yourself and answer the questions.

Although this is not a religious group, we may occasionally get together for services and/or holiday/Shabbat celebrations.

Mostly, though, this is a social group for Jewish Singles, and we accept any level of Jewish practice.

Potential matches go out on dates to see if they like each other and often, engagements are announced within a few days or weeks if at all.

Jewish dating singles tend to go on dates in very public places, such as hotel lobbies or out to eat, and not darkened movie theaters or other such spots.Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, for they will turn your sons away from following Me to serve other gods and the Lord's anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you. P(1); var d = "append Child", g = "create Element", i = "src", k = h[g]("div"), l = k[d](h[g]("div")), f = h[g]("iframe"), n = "document", p; = "none"; e.insert Before(k, e.first Child)= o "-" j; f.frame Border = "0"; = o "-frame-" j; /MSIE[ ] 6/.test(Agent) && (f[i] = "javascript:false"); f.allow Transparency = "true"; l[d](f); try catch (s) try catch (t) a.Ultra Orthodox, or Charedi, Jews live a segregated existence in general.They seldom go to mixed sex parties or dances and casual dating is generally strongly discouraged.

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Please consider hosting just one event a year and if everyone does that then we will have over 500 events per year!

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