Laotian women dating

The line between dating and sex work in Laos is fine and at times, blurry.

Bars like Bor Pen Yang and Sam Lo have a range of people.

The best way to be sure is to just be honest about what you’re looking for.

Laos has a good number of ladyboys, or gateuys, many of whom are exceptionally beautiful and not easy to distinguish from the other girls.

Fortunately, Lao men tend to express their admiration more playfully than aggressively, and instances of sexual violence towards Western women are virtually unheard of in Laos.

Holding hands in public is socially acceptable, hugging is fine, but even a kiss on the cheek makes some people slightly uncomfortable, and making out in public is just plain rude.

Lao is a very traditional society in which the marriageable age of a girl is 14 and the husband’s family pays a dowry to the wife’s family, the value of which is increased by the girl’s chastity.

For female travellers in Laos cultivating a local fling, there won’t be many strings attached, except that the man may very well be married and not tell you about it.

While marriage is highly cherished in Laos, fidelity is a theoretical concept.

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If this isn’t your thing, do not react aggressively.

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