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These days, we all know someone who is trying online dating; or most likely, a lot of ‘someones.’ As younger generations prefer to connect with technology and social media and there are more single adults in the U. Even seniors are starting to flock to online matching sites!But online dating isn’t just connecting people for casual dating but leading to long term relationships and more than a hundred thousand marriages every year. couples get married every year after meeting online.67% of singles know couples that met through online dating.Digital technology and smartphones in particular have transformed many aspects of our society, including how people seek out and establish romantic relationships.Few Americans had online dating experience when Pew Research Center first polled on the activity in 2005, but today 15% of U. adults report they have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps.In America 58% of women and 56% of men have never been on a blind date. (The most difficult marriage vow for women at 32% is for better or worse! almost 2/3 of singles believe it is at least somewhat acceptable to see more than one person at a time The biggest threat to marriage is infidelity according to almost 50% of singles. Social media and dating.65% of singles do not post their relationship status on Facebook. In a year on average 32% of couples who met online will breakup.Las Vegas Nevada, Detroit Michigan and Columbus Ohio are the top three cities with the most “open-minded” daters. )72% of women and 60% of men say it’s ok to casually date more than one person at the same time. Before a first date 48% of women and 38% of men research the person on Facebook.49% of women and 27% of men would cancel a first date over something they found while looking up the person online. (In comparison, only 23% of couples that met “offline” have left each other after a year.)When a husband has a close relationship with his wife’s parents, the couple’s risk of divorce decreases by 20%.50% of singles said they would consider breaking up with someone they were casually dating via text.24% would consider ending an exclusive relationship this way.

Tinder is expected to boost those numbers even more, based on its meteoric popularity! 87% of people surveyed think online dating is a good way to find a partner. Of the remainder, 14% work together, 12% meet through mutual friends, 7% meet through social media, and 7% at social gatherings.These days, that number is up to 66%.15% of singles in the United States preferred drinks over dinner for a first date.68% of singles say they still want to chat on the phone or in person to schedule dates.47% of singles research their dates on social networks like Facebook before meeting.46% of men and 35% of women follow-up about a date the next day.On a first date 72% of singles feel it is a big NO-NO to talk about exes. Nearly 25% of singles say they would consider marrying someone who is unfaithful to them while dating.27% of men state that the most difficult marriage vow for them is being faithful.As of 2013, the number of married people had fallen by about 1/5, to 51%. Online dating sites spent a record 1 million on national TV ad placements in 2013.That means there are about 124.6 million singles in America today, or 50.2% of our adult population. In the first half of 2014 alone, online dating sites have spent 4 on ads. In 2013 there were approximately 3,898 dating services that employ 7,376 people.

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