Methods of accommodating diversity

They can be anonymous if you are not confident about asking “one-to-one.” There are many ways to motivate staff and offer flexibility: recognition, prizes, extra time off to spend time with family, corporate events, dinners, a gym pass etc.Do you know what the career goals of your employees are? The fact is that of the career aspirations of women and men are different.

Collaborative Reading Groups would involve comparable Literature Circles activities in content-area classrooms with significant teacher facilitation and maintenance of the individual roles.Show them that diversity of the workplace can also have a positive impact on profits.Investigate which areas in your business women could be more productive than men. To make this process more efficient develop different evaluation metrics for men and women. Re-arrange these metrics to measure women’s success efficiently.As for motivation, many managers believe that the only employee motivator is money. You need to identify the different motivators for men and women working in your organization.Ask your HR specialist to establish one-to-one meetings, or create polls or questionnaires to find out.

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To make your mark in the modern world (and to be viewed as an employer of choice) you need a diverse team. Because diverse teams usually make better decisions; they are more creative and attentive to your primary goals and customers’ needs.

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