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How many terrible first dates have you had to sit through?We do the first date for you with our in-depth questionnaire.Honesty is a relief in a dating culture eaten up with lies.2. It helps if you actually want to know more about us than what we look like naked. When a man seems unable to entertain himself and is waiting for me (or a convenient warm body) to do so, I am immediately seeing red flags. It also never hurts to avoid controversial topics on a first date such as politics and religion- although I do understand a desire to clarify that you’re on the same page before proceeding further.Be interested in what we like to do outside of work and what we think about and the things we enjoy. While I love to be asked out for an actual date, know that I’m raising an eyebrow when you don’t even attempt to get to know me in the meantime. If these subjects come up and you disagree, it’s entirely okay to get into an argument about it and to return to more neutral subjects.We want partners who can respect our education and work experience and full lives and add to it with their own without expecting us to give up ourselves to accommodate them.Given that we’re looking for real connection and interaction, we might be a little less than impressed- the understatement of the century- when we are hit up for a midnight booty call by the virtual stranger we met online.To get to know someone for who they are and not who we need them to be to complete our happy ever after story. We just need to show up willing to know them and to let ourselves be known. When we have expectations that we’re looking for someone to meet, we often overlook the qualities that don’t align with that vision. It’s how I’ve dated smokers when I have an allegedly firm policy against this.

I offer this inner dialogue up for public consumption because I think the dating world is much harsher than it needs to be, and I feel like there’s a huge misunderstanding about why women (and men) aren’t receptive to certain advances.If you made the date, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, be prepared to pay for it, and don’t expect a return on your money in the form of sex.Expect nothing but an evening of getting to know one another.6. I know we all grew up with much of the same fairy tales.I wish I could say that they didn’t impress themselves upon us so much.Instead of showing up for a date expecting the person to be everything we ever thought we wanted, it would be wonderful if we just showed up ready to connect with another human being in a real way.

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