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First off, multi-channel marketing is not just about making several sales channels available.

If you start by setting up a ton of different channels and then just hope that they will bring extra revenue, you will end up doing a lot more work and not seeing a great return on your investment.

When you feel confident that your presence is well established on a channel, you can move to another.

Knowing who to pitch to is as important as knowing where to pitch. This is why it’s smart to create ‘buyer personas’ – the customers you might run into when selling on various channels.

Jacob writes reports, blog posts and other pieces of content to help businesses offer better support and sales services.

Over the years, he prepared over 140 self-service knowledge base articles.

Your sales process can go beyond the boundaries of normal websites by integrating different channels as well as a mobile-friendly design.

You can use tools like live chat that are normally associated with support to create proactive sales campaigns that reach out to customers who browse your products.

Since it takes a few contacts, or touches, with your business to make a sale, you should make sure that all your channels advertise your product in a similar way.

You can check his latest work on the Live Chat Blog and in the Resources section.

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For example, a shop may offer both online and offline options for different customers to maximize the number of sales.

Your multi-channel marketing strategy can include channels like your website, social media, email, live chat but also sales from your offline stores, catalogs and phone orders.

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