My boyfriend have been dating 8 years

I joked about this a few weeks ago and he said " I'd say no! And with every holiday and special occasion that passes, I found myself feeling like I'm not good enough. And every time a couple of our friends get engaged (after much less time together than us) I feel a little hurt and angry before I can feel happy for them.

I worry that I'm actually starting to resent him.

Being married changes very little if anything within a well established and healthy relationship.

You don't need to be married to feel special or desirable or whatever else that's making you feel so negative about him not proposing.

We even wandered round some jewellers so I could show him the type of ring I liked.

Well Christmas passed, and New year's, and our 9th anniversary, valentines day, my birthday, another Christmas, another new years, and finally our 10th anniversary. He still pulls the same faces and avoids the subject when family/friends ask if a wedding is on the horizon.

A responsible couple talks these sort of BIG life decisions out long before a proposal happens.

Also, be sure to make it clear that this is what you want and if it's not what he wants then you're sorry but you want to end things to find someone who wants the same thing as you. I wasn’t sure what to think, but gave myself time to mull over the idea. You are both well into adulthood and need to stop play this passively dropping hints game. At this age, you should be capable and willing to sit down with each other and talk directly about what you both want from the relationship. I never realised my partners thoughts on it until we properly discussed how it important it was to her. Have had MANY conversations about marriage recently. I was of the opinion that I wanted to, but didn't NEED to.

Thanks Stop joking about proposals and have a frank discussion.

At 27 years old, you should be able to have a mature, adult conversation.

I fully understand how this could be hurtful but rather then waiting for it and being repeatedly let down, why aren't you sitting down and asking him the big question? "If he says he Does want to be married, point out that his actions speak otherwise.

Ask him to be honest with you and that you'll be understanding if he really doesn't (for what ever reason) want to be married.

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