It’s time to put all those hours of watching “How It’s Made” to good use, and redeem the knowledge you gained in the past decade of failed Fantasy Football seasons. Although it’s possible to enter a local trivia contest as a twosome or join a sparsely-populated team, Trivia Nights are more fun when you’ve got some extra smart friends around you.

Check out this updated list of places around Nashville offering trivia night contests.

You don’t worry about whether the other person finds you scintillating or not.

One prerequisite is that neither party should have to spend a lot of money on what might not turn out to be a good match.

Those classes are pricey, so I looked for a less expensive alternative.

And I hit the jackpot when I opened the Nashville Community Education Spring 2018 Catalog.

And you start to find enjoyment in much smaller things – like planting something in the garden or cooking something together.

Becoming boring with someone forces you to take life at a slower pace; to enjoy the small things more.

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