N900 driver sd needs updating

I closed the program down and looked at the phone, it still seemed to be locked in R&D mode.An attempt to reboot it manually did nothing and I was starting to believe I’d royally screwed the thing for good.I’m not averse to using the official software to perform an update if needed, but what I am averse to is the fact that this software is only available for Windows.I’m a full time Linux user as most of you will know and considering the the N900 is a Linux device you’d think they’d have a Linux updater too.

Lately some software updates to Maemo 5 (the N900 operating system) have been rolled out, and of course I wanted the latest greatest versions.I transferred the SIM to my old handset so I could still make calls and twiddled my thumbs.Actually I did do something useful as I read on this guide how to set the phone into R&D mode ready for flashing.I was keen to try it ASAP but the Maemo dev website was actually down for server migration over the whole weekend.This was Saturday night and I was facing a long Sunday without knowing if I still had a phone or not, good timing on my part.

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