Nick admits to dating selena

Gomez and fellow Disney star Nick Jonas were together for two years.She has since called it a love that was “sweet” and hinted that she would possibly be open to rekindling their flame.

off and on, but they never became an official pair.Though Kevin and Joe each have girlfriends, it looks like this will be one lonely Valentine’s Day for 16-year-old Nick.The youngest of the trio admitted that he’s single.Now Bloom is rumored to be dating singer Katy Perry, so it looks as though his fooling around days with Gomez are over, at least for the time being.Gomez and DJ Zedd became a couple shortly after meeting and even collaborated on a major song together called “I Want You To Know.” Both were quoted many times that they “adored” each other despite claims from fellow DJ Diplo that their relationship was nothing but a publicity stunt.

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