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Intimate relationships requires people to look down themselves and open up who they really are.

But nice guys are always wearing a mask and always hiding their true self. There are two types of nice guys: Glover calls the second type “avoidants”, possibly referencing to the avoidant attachment style.

Robert Glover says that nice guy is actually a misnomer and nice guys aren’t nice at all.

Glover presents the integrated male as the antithesis to the nice guy and the type of man the nice guy should strive to become.

Then it’s because men grew up with females and female culture. Possibly the author meant that both factors contribute, but he should have made that clearer. The author certainly has more experience there than I do.

The former had a troubled and rebellious childhood he needs to make up for. There are many ways Glover recommends to overcome the Mr Nice Guy syndrome, including: Nice cannot have intimate relationships.The key of the integrated male is total acceptance of who he is.The integrated male: There are two types of nice guys.I don’t consider Mr Nice Guy one of the top books out there.Which is a pity, because in many ways and for the most part, it could have been.

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