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Makes it rather a foolish thing by you if at first you don't speak up about your beliefs, and then get upset that the other party does not divert from their beliefs. But it is nonsense to assume that our own moral positions are superior to others by default.

Yes, sometimes people have views that are not compatible with ours.

A recent Harris poll found that 51 percent of people think that couples should hold off on sex until marriage, and (somewhat surprisingly) 47 percent of Millennials (ages 18-36) agree.

The statistic is unexpected, given the ubiquity of premarital sex depicted in popular culture, but these numbers, which span age, sex, race, education and region, suggest that not everyone gets it on, or thinks you should, before getting hitched.

However, she has indicated multiple times that she does not want to have any sort of sex until marriage. I haven't tried to initiate sex with her (I'm not to that stage yet either), but rather she volunteered the info. I'm having a problem with this, because sex is important to me in a relationship. Dating is about finding out about each other, and often that includes finding out things that mean that the relationship can't go in the direction you want and then it's often better to get out and start again with someone else.

She's very serious about her Christian faith so I think that is a component. Not as a physical need but rather to express things. (Sometimes you can compromise, but "no sex before marriage" is a fairly binary thing with polarised views...

I did what was right for myself." MORE: The Weird Health Benefit of Marriage "I waited for my husband.How do you know it is the best decision if you have never experienced it with anyone else? That is like saying, 'Chili's is the best restaurant' without ever trying anywhere different." "I personally didn't wait until marriage, but I'm not a promiscuous person either—have had only one partner for years now. Either way, I don't think not waiting makes you anything less decent of a woman. And until I met the man I married, no one before him was worth it to me.When my husband and I started dating, he said, "I won't be the reason you break the commitment you have made." And for four years, he never pressured me into changing my mind.

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My fear had always been that maybe if you wait until marriage, it may or may not work out in bed with that person and then you're already married and maybe wonder if it would be better with someone else? But I respect everyone who does, and hey, if it worked out, great for you." "I didn't wait, and I don't regret it. Marriage does not define how much some one loves you, and neither does sex." MORE: 10 Secrets of Super Happy Couples SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: Did you wait (or are you waiting) to have sex before you got married?

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