Non validating parser xml

Such changes are not needed in xmltex as the input syntax is always XML.

Some language files may change the meaning of such characters as install file and produce a `cut down' latex that did not have features that are not going to be used in xmltex.

xmltex by default `knows' nothing about any particular type of XML file, and so needs to load external files containing specific information.

Normally however the information from the parse is used to trigger Te X typesetting code.

Declarations (in Te X syntax) are provided as part of xmltex to associate Te X code with the start and end of each XML element, attributes, processing instructions, and with unicode character data. It may be loaded into initex to produce a format capable of parsing XML files.

The PUBLIC and SYSTEM catalogue entries may also be used to control which XML files should be input in response to external entity references.

The is rather different, if an element in the null namespace does not have any definition attatched to it, this declaration forces the default namespace to the given URI. This allows for example documents beginning in the example in the Introduction) in which case the commands just apply to the specified document.

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Depending on the Te X system, this might be a symbolic link, or a shell script, or batch file, or a configuration option in a setup menu.

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