Think pieces decried a wasteland of empty promises and one-night stands.

One article blamed Tinder for the "dating apocalypse," prompting an infamous Twitter tantrum from the brand.

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According to the doomsayers, men are swiping right with abandon, "ghosting," and dodging commitment.

"Men have been taught to peacock and get our attention, especially in online communities that create this sense of urgency and aggression," says a representative from Bumble, a spin-off from one of Tinder's cofounders that nixes creepy pickup lines by letting women make the first move.(Millennial-to-English translation: They're coming on to too many women, disappearing after two dates, and generally behaving like they have a whole sea of fish waiting in their pocket—which, of course, they do.) So who can save singles from the calamity the tech bros have wrought?

The average man will swipe right on nearly half the women he sees.(A secondary, auto-right-swipe app market has even sprung up to mitigate the risks of carpal tunnel.) By comparison, the average female user swipes right only 14 percent of the time.

What are the odds a 9.2 will use one of his precious swipes on me?

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  1. Yet, it does bother me to see that the majority of women at some point go for him, many than turn around to say that all men suck, failing to see that they positioned themselves to get hurt by this egotistical type. That said, he is smart, and intelligent, and thus he knows how to fool, I mean charm women: to play the nice guy, to get what he wants, until he can dispose of you.

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