Obsession danger signs in dating

They may become unable to concentrate on anything else, which will obviously affect their social and professional lives.

If someone with erotomania decides that you are their secret admirer, it is pointless to deny your “feelings” — they won’t believe you.Madonna’s stalker’s delusion (he believed that Madonna is meant to be his wife) was still alive and kicking even after serving 10 years in prison (source).Margaret Mary Ray stalked David Letterman for over ten years before shifting her attention to Story Musgrave.To make things worse, since the days of Romeo and Juliet art and culture often seem to promote many forms of unhealthy love as if it were something to strive for.This makes us more likely to form relationships with people who are truly ill, ruining our personal lives in the process. The only issue is that many of us do not get that feeling every single day of our lives — perhaps our partners are not as passionate about us anymore, or maybe we are single and lonely.

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Today we are going to discuss four “love disorders”: erotomania, obsessive love, relationship OCD, and attachment disorder.

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