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If you find that automatic library updating doesn’t work for your system, you can always use the “Update my library periodically” setting to set an update schedule.This option works for both local files and files located on a network share (that is, a computer other than the one Plex Media Server is installed on), since it manually scans the entire directory structure at the frequency you specify.You can specify the update frequency in increments as low as every 15 minutes all the way up to once a day.Finally there’s a small consideration regarding library cleanup.I suspect this is a QNAP issue, rather than a Plex issue. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (click the gear looking thing on top right) Select the file and Run. With that being said, I then updated the NAS firmware to the latest (was only one release behind the current stable version), the tried uninstalling and reinstalling Plex again. Everything worked perfectly until I lost the drive... I ran the diagnostic tool and this is what I got from kernel analyzer. video_gen_thumb[8679]: segfault at 20c2ce0b ipf5aa96e9 spff9690c4 error 4 in[f5a40 120] -- Count:0A raid drive failure/rebuild would have NO effect what so ever on the Plex Artwork. you should see a newer version of plex is available. (Plex Media Server_1.3.3.3148-b38628e_x86.qpkg) it's for X86, my model is TS-251A 2. Click on the Settings tool icon in the upper right corner of the Plex web interface.

Then I then completely uninstalled Plex, did a reinstall with the latest version again, and the issue still persists. NAS: TVS-871 (Intel)Firmware version: 4.2.2 Build 20160901HDD: 3 WD Red NAS drives, 4TB each in RAID 5Plex PMS version:'m a bit of a Linux noob, and the same can certainly be said about a NAS and Plex. I guess QNAP team is behind the testing of new software. QNAP's app center will never be 100% up to date with Plex releases due to the frequency of Plex changes/updates. Also by doing that I can roll-back my Plex to a previous version as I have the QPKG file on my laptop if something goes wonky.There are three components to the Plex Media Server experience.There’s the media itself (like your TV shows), there’s the actual Plex Media Server that manages your media, and then there are the Plex client applications you access the server from via your Apple TV, your i Phone, or other devices.Until the library is updated, you won’t be able to watch them.Thankfully, the Plex Media Server software has multiple ways you can ensure your media list is always current including manual updating and multiple ways to automate the update process.

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Once you have automatic updating configured just the way you want, you can sit back and enjoy one of the best benefits of Plex Media Server: always up-to-date and centralized management of your entire media collection.

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