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This type of trigger also provides an additional correlation name for accessing the parent row that contains the nested table being modified. -- Now, we can replace it, or construct a new value using SUBSTR, INSTR...-- operations for a CLOB, or DBMS_LOB calls for a BLOB.

1) Create the 'product' table and 'product_price_history' table Once the above update query is executed, the trigger fires and updates the 'product_price_history' table.

Also, if global package variables are updated within a trigger, then it is best to initialize those variables in a , because a cursor must be opened for every execution of a trigger.

Trigger Evaluation Order Although any trigger can run a sequence of operations either in-line or by calling procedures, using multiple triggers of the same type enhances database administration by permitting the modular installation of applications that have triggers on the same tables.

Triggers can be: Trigger names must be unique with respect to other triggers in the same schema.

Trigger names do not need to be unique with respect to other schema objects, such as tables, views, and procedures.

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