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Aside from how long it always seems to take me to get work finished these days, I have genuinely found myself drifting from the fandom altogether in recent years, and the last 14 months are probably the strongest evidence of that to date. I've been unemployed for most of it, debating whether to continue in my existing career path or boldly embark on a new one, and ultimately ending up in a paralysing stasis without doing either.As someone who has often defined myself by my career, this left me feeling pretty bad, and despite having ample spare time, I found myself struggling to muster any enthusiasm for my life's passions - or when I have, I've become increasingly obsessed with whether I can justify spending my depleting savings on them.And I don't mean little sections, or blurred teases. #1 - Seb #2 - Brian Griffin (Family Guy) #3 - Jim Crow (Dumbo) #4 - Knuckles the Echidna #5 - Mike #6 - Rocky I've already posted these on my Twitter account earlier this evening (@Rip Roar Rex, if you're not already following me), but I thought I would upload them here for my FA followers too.I mean actual, proper previews of my incomplete projects. There are six WIP uploads in total featuring an array of characters, including some of my own original cast as well as a number of popular characters.I'm hoping to resolve this very soon, but don't be surprised if it takes a little while for new content to appear there.Rest assured it's not because I'm not bothering with my site anymore - goodness knows I spent long enough coding and designing the damn thing.Turning 30 didn't help - I know it's not like I'm 75, but you go through those moments where you contemplate where you thought you'd be by a particular milestone, and I've fallen far short of my past expectations.Put simply, I think I've gone through a mixture of depression and anxiety. For starters, I finally found a new job which I'll be starting after Christmas. At the same time I was going through the process of securing that job, I started feeling a bit more enthusiasm for my hobbies again, one of which was my drawing.

Well, on this special occasion, I thought I would break with that tradition, and actually share some of my foot-related Works-In-Progress (or WIPs) with you all.

Not the severe kind that should leave anyone worrying about my mental fragility - believe me, it's never been like that - but enough to make me feel like I'll be relieved to see the back of this year more than perhaps any other for quite some time. In turn, last month I mustered up enough motivation to complete a picture for the first time in a year (which I have now uploaded here).

And that helped spur me on to work on other projects too, prompting me to feel like I might have sufficient new material to finally revive my profile. During the past year I've been chatting with various people about my struggles, including on the artistic front - special mention to kclt with whom I shared some good conversations on the subject.

Since my re-emergence on Twitter, I've had a lot of people asking me if I'm on Telegram or Discord.

The answer to both is no, but I won't rule out the possibility.

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