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But I’d go further than that, because some emoji are universally positive, but still used in different ways. People agree that it’s positive, but that still leaves room for misinterpretation.Some people use it to signal their friendliness, while others use it to indicate irony or a double meaning.Whether it’s in email or chat, in professional communication emoji are best used to get the toning of your message right.

You can add more when you’re writing a longer email, although emails are better kept short . Live chat and messaging, however, are much more accepting of emoji than email.

There are really only a handful emoji to use in professional communication: There’s but a small difference between being perceived as a ‘friendly and capable’ professional or an overly emojinal teenager.

Cramming your messages with emoji will obviously make you look unprofessional.

The problem with written communication is the space it leaves for misinterpretation.

Psychologist Albert Mehrabian famously claimed that only 7% of our communication is verbal.

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