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• Wrist and hand examination – soft tissue injury, tendon pathology (including tears), arthritis, soft tissue masses or swelling (including ganglion cysts), nerve entrapment, effusion, foreign bodies and bone injuries.

If you suspect you have a fracture or a broken bone and need a quick verdict, call us and we can slot you into the next available X-ray appointment.We also do the nuchal scan, which may be considered if it was difficult to measure at the NHS scan.We perform the anomaly scan which checks that the fetal structures are developing, assess placenta function using uterine artery Doppler, and can perform preterm birth risk assessment. We use latest GE technology for abdominal organs scans, obstetrics or 4D scans to ensure the best possible results. All scans are performed by our own Sonographers, who are fully qualified, experienced and registered with Royal College of Radiographers.

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