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If you want to specifiy a specific storage bucket you need to add the call of the bucket function as well: A typical use case for a Firebase Cloud Function which is registered for a storage trigger is a task is needed to fruther process a file, e.g. Another trigger type which can be used with Firebase Cloud Functions are HTTP Triggers.These triggers can be invoked through an HTTP request and can be registered by using object can be used to send a response to back to the client.By using Google Analytics for Firebase you’re able to understand in detail how the user interacts with your application i OS or Android app.Therefore the the Analytics API exposes various events.With Cloud Functions, you can handle events in the Firebase Realtime Database with no need to update client code.

The first function makes use of the HTTP trigger and takes a string via URL parameter and inserts that string into the Firebase Realtime Database.

It’s also possible to define a part of the path as a wildcard by surrounding this part with curly braces, like you can see in the following: inside the event handler function.

By using authentication triggers you’re able to execute code in response to the creation and deletion of a user account via Firebase Authentication.

With Realtime Database Triggers we’re able to respond to changes in the Firebase Realtime Database.

To do so we need to register for events on a specific database path like:f function is called and the database path we would like to register for is passed in as a parameter.

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