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Try setting a timer for one hour, and make it your goal to clean the whole house by then.Instead of the car wash, wash it outside with the hose.This is one of the most fun things to do with your girlfriend… Make her feel special by taking advantage of the short time you can beat a corn maze together. This is one of the most romantic things to do with your girlfriend…Thanksgiving is often a family event, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner with her shows her that you think of her as family.

All the ideas on our top summer date list are specifically designed to treat you both to new adventures.These date ideas only work at certain times of the year…but to a girl, that makes them …And when girls feel like they’re special to you, they’re more likely to treat you with love and respect.Downtown areas of many cities have lit, horse-drawn carriages in the winter time.Take her for what may be candlelit dinner followed by a carriage ride. Get some coffee and take her to find the best light displays in your area. Come up with an original theme and decorate your tree with it Christmas shopping can be stressful… Ask your girlfriend to help you this year: you get help, and she gets to feel special and included in your family’s gift exchange.

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