Rules of dating for her

We have our own bond that I don’t expect you to understand.But just because she does things with me, it doesn’t mean you have any right to complain.That’s if I’m in a good mood and let her stay out that late with you in the first place!But yeah, respect my winter curfew and don’t try to be a smart ass and say something like “What difference will this half an hour make? It gets darker in the winter earlier and so people aren’t out so late…So regardless of whether she’s your girlfriend, your fiancee or your wife, she’ll still always be MY DAUGHTER!I’ve been pampering her and making her feel like the princess she deserves to be for all her life. Treat her well, embrace her craziness and learn how to calm her down, soothe her troubles away and make her smile every little chance you get.

If I ask for a drug test, it’s because I barely trust you enough sober to trust what little brain you have left being messed up with drugs.It’s just that she’s my daughter and I’m her daddy.You’ll only understand that when you have a precious little daughter of your own.The problem with new men who enter our lives is that they do not realize or understand how strong the father-daughter bond really is!It might sound a little creepy, but the perfect image that any girl has in her head is someone just like her daddy! because he spoils her rotten and makes her feel like she’s his little princess and he’ll go to extreme measures to ensure her happiness…

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Call it over-protective, annoying or whatever the hell you want to!

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