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Finish it off with lightning-fast wit and an undying love for women and a myriad of interests and you have the perfect charmer. It’s just not an ingredient in attraction and chemistry. Russell knows his big charismatic side has nothing to do with his attractiveness. In other words, the better you are at noticing things, the better you are at reacting to them.Charm is interesting because if one of the qualities is missing, it’s no longer charm. I want to switch topic and talk to you about charisma for a second. The thing about charisma though, is it’s awful fucking intriguing. Haillloo” Charisma isn’t your friend in building chemistry with women. So I won’t be detailing how loud and crazy and manic Russell can often get. But you don’t remember Robin for his sexual energy, do ya? Charm can look however you want it to look, as long as it’s following the rules. And Russell has mastered the ability to see everything clearly as it is. This is largely in part to the fact that he’s simply no longer swayed by status or sex—usually the two things that muck up every guy’s ability to engage naturally with a woman.We will then continue to only search for clues to match this judgment.

Further, I want you to notice that although Willy, I mean Russell, deals with they douchebagginess exactly as he should, he never, ever, ever loses his playfulness, positivity, love, and connection with them as humans. If a woman was treating me condescendingly at a bar, I wouldn’t try to come up with a condescending response and play a game of “who is the more douchey person,” (I hate that game) I would treat her the way I’d treat my good friend: “What are you doing? In this article he penned in The Guardian, Russell says: And if you can access this dynamic with people, with women, then you win.

He came on and the panelists immediately had a hard-on for giving him the ol’ jostling. So they need to feel like they’re a little bit better than everyone else while still having that annoying chumminess.

People like this have to put on a douchey persona as a replacement for a sense of humor. Russell is usually always caring, gracious, and polite wherever he goes.

some weird-ass superhero with a green flat-top mullet emerged like a Phoenix with powers that far surpassed any lesser combination of the group. So, we’ll look at the people around us through the lens of our initial judgment.

If we’ve made the superficial judgment that this environment is cooler than us, we will assume these strangers are cooler than us and that all things they do is part of that.

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