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So I have suffered from severe acne growing up and had to take accutane not once, but twice.Unfortunatelly, all of those pimples left me with pretty damaged skin, especially on my back, but also pretty noticeably on my face, you can definitely see them in person.When I did online dating I just chose the photos that showed me best. Nowadays, all selfie cams have a blur/softening to them anyway and everybody uses them. And I turned down second dates as often as I was not asked on one. A year or so ago, my current boyfriend took photos at an event and later put them online for the event.Well, there's was one photo of me talking to someone else where the light hit me in a way that highlighted and shadowed all my scars and pores.I mentioned it to my first two dates beforehand, they did not care, but I felt like it made me look quite insecure rather than confident.I decided not to mention it to my last date, he also never commented on it and accepted to see me a second time.That is, unless I take a really close pic, or if I stand directly under the light, creating shadows on my skin.I'm not sure if I should go out of my way to make people know before meeting them that I have acne scars, or if I should just let them realize it when we meet.

There are a great number of users who list things they don’t like/do. So instead of the things you don’t want, write about things you do want. A great profile should speak to the character, not to the characteristics.Upload photos that you think describe you the best. A shot with your drum set, or sitar will gratifyingly capture your musical side. If you are a gym buff, a couple of gym selfies will turn most of the people off (there are so many of them out there! However, a magnificent shot of you doing pull-ups will work wonders though. The magic of creating a great profile lies in your aesthetic portrayal of who you are, with brief details and pictorial depiction of the things you like.If you are a foodie, a couple of shots of golgappas won’t do any harm.I have been using dating apps for a few months now and I struggle to choose the pics I put up, mainly because on most pics my scars are not noticeable.We can see some redness at times but we can never see just how indented the scars are.

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